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Honorary Degrees recognize those who have made profound and enduring contributions to scholarship, culture, and improved quality of life in society at large. Achievements of national or international significance deserve priority consideration. It is important that recipients be persons of great integrity, as the choices we make reflect our values as an institution.


There are some necessary restrictions to be considered: In accordance with state statute, “No degree shall ever be conferred in consideration of the payment of money or the giving of property of whatsoever kind." Declared candidates running for public office are not appropriate nominees for honorary degrees. Honorary degrees may not be conferred in absentee.

About Accreditation

Please note: We are not recognized by the US Department of Education. 

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Kingdom University International is an institution of Biblical and theological study. KUI offers students the ability to pursue their studies in course by course manner, removing excessive financial strain. Tuition Financing does not apply to the LEAD Program.

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