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You hold in your hands the key to a great treasure box. Inside the box is gold, silver, and precious jewels. The box in which these treasures are contained is rather unusual--not really very appealing. It is surrounded by razor wire, electrified fences, and armed guard towers. But inside there is great treasure . . . men and women, precious to God, who are waiting for YOU.


The manual you hold in your hands--“You Came Unto Me”--is a training guide for jail and prison ministry. This manual provides instruction for every level of involvement:


  • The minimal level of corresponding with an inmate.
  • Visiting one-on-one with inmates.
  • Ministering in group worship services, special programs, or Bible studies inside

an institution.

  • Assisting inmate’s families.
  • Providing post-prison ministry upon an inmate’s release from a penal institution.


It includes instruction on dress and safety codes, institution and inmate typology, and how to relate to inmates in such a way that they will be attracted to the Gospel message and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Prison Ministry Training Manual

SKU: KIBIW #1-21971073-22-8
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