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There are many voices in the world today speaking on behalf of women.


    -We have heard the voice of what has been termed in some nations "women's liberation"  calling for equal rights for all women everywhere.
   -In other nations, the voice of tradition has been raised demanding that women be kept in
   -Theologians have debated extensively regarding the role of women in the Church.
   -We have heard the voices of psychologists, educators, and philosophers with their various
views on womanhood.

In general, concern with the subject of women has focused on their purpose and position in
society. Many modern movements promoting liberation for women have overreacted to the
problems and concerns faced by women.

The movement toward liberation for women is not new. It can be traced back to the first
woman, Eve, who sought liberation from God's rules. But true liberation for women comes only through Jesus Christ and recognition of the patterns and principles governing womanhood revealed in God's Word, the Bible.

This course summarizes all the Bible teaches regarding women. It is not only a study guide but a reference tool as it lists all the passages about women and references to all the individual women mentioned in the Word of God.

Now, "Let the earth hear His voice" on the subject of womanhood as we develop from Scripture: "Women: A Biblical Profile."

Women, A Biblical Profile

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